White Shark Diving
Great White Shark cage diving is the ultimate underwater adventure. Shark diving is safe, fun and adventure you will never forget. Shark diving specially Great White Shark cage diving, is rapidly becoming the #1 vacation adventure for all marine life enthusiasts. No SCUBA certification necessary.

We work with both Mossel Bay & Gaansbai, THE shark diving locations in South Africa. Both are equally appealing however due to adverse weather conditions or the whereabouts of the sharks then some advance information can be really helpful to you. We are easily in touch with both companies for accurate and up to date weather reports and amount of sightings per day. The boats can also be booked out at certain times so why not drop us a line and secure your spot for full adrenaline and zero disappointment

Prices R1,600 per adult

We recommend to take tablets if you are unsure of getting sea sickness.(one at night and another in the morning for best protection!)